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Aubrey Rosa Mosqueta Shampoo Review

Sometimes a product comes along that deserves a big ‘shout out’! Having suddenly been plagued by an itchy, sensitive scalp, I searched long and hard to find relief (I have spent a small fortune in the process and believe me I have tried more than 20 different products!).

Therefore, I feel the need to share with you the delight of finding Aubrey Rosa Mosqueta Shampoo (my brother alerted me to its merits).

Due to the all-natural ingredients don’t expect a head full of lather, the absence of chemicals (particularly SLS and other parabens) bring a different hair washing experience. A much nicer one I might add. It cleans hair without stripping or drying it out, it cleanses (effectively removes residues and dirt that can leave your hair dull) and hydrates.

The result, my coloured hair is sleek and shiny and not an itch insight! If you suffer with itchy scalp your search might well be over!

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