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Health Facts

A new website and a brand-new blog to get re-started! I want to start by regurgitating some interesting Health Facts, simple to take on board and capable of making a big impact on your health.

  1. Cloves are a natural insect repellent. Clove essential oil needs to be used for Mosquitos but for flies and moths, some crushed cloves (lurking in your kitchen spice rack) in a mesh or linen type cloth will be enough to deter the little blighters!
  2. An avocado a day can cut cholesterol levels. They are also extremely good for the heart; help increase metabolic rate (always a winner) and are full of essential vitamins and minerals.
  3. Combatting low mood. The expression ‘keep looking up’ or ‘keep your chin up’ seems to have an element of truth. Research suggests that those suffering with mild depression saw a significant change in mood when they not only walked for 20 minutes a-day but also looked upwards towards the sky at the same time. Simple but pretty remarkable don’t you think?

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