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Honey Face Mask…Raw Naturally

I’d been meaning to do this for a while but never got round to it.

What can I say my lack lustre skin has demanded that I no longer put this off, so tonight was the night. My skin always misbehaves when a change of season is on the horizon and this last fortnight it has been particularly unruly.

Having read that raw honey is extremely beneficial to skin (of all types) I knew that this had to be my first port of call, especially as during the past year I have become a huge honey fan (never touched the stuff until then). So armed with a pot of ‘raw wildflower honey’, I took a teaspoon, dampened my face and applied. 20 minutes later I rinsed it away with warm water and am left with a super-smooth skin. So smooth that I can’t stop touching it!

Give it a try ladies AND gentlemen I think you’ll be impressed. Make sure you use raw (un-pasteurised) honey though, as you want all the anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits that this type of honey brings. I vow I am going to do this 3 times a week until my skin sees the error of its ways!

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