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Organic Natural Make-up

So, the word is….you can consume 5lbs of chemicals per year just by the cosmetics you put on your skin (it certainly surprised me).

Now we’ve always stocked natural make-up at The Lifehouse but to be honest the organic market tended to focus on the more mature palette of colours. We were desperate to find some funky fresh organic products and our continual search finally proved to be fruitful!

Benecos products are made with pure plant and mineral ingredients and are never tested on animals. They make a wide assortment of makeup products for face, eyes, and lips. They are 100% FREE of paraffin, parabens, silicones, PEG and synthetic dyes, fragrances, and preservatives. Moreover, they are colours that you’ll actually want to wear and are very affordable! I’d say young and old will definitely find something that suits. All are BDIH Certified Natural in Germany, which means they comply with the strictest of natural organic standards.
Mothers tell your daughters, daughters tell your mothers….Who wouldn’t want to lose 5lbs?

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